Spring Free EV Contract Breach

At this point over 30,000 people have read the article about Spring Free EV breaching a contract with Push ROI. This video is to add more context to Spring Free EV’s behavior, and to explain Push ROI’s offers over time.

Push ROI entered into a contract with Spring Free EV, a fintech startup led by Sunil Paul. Both parties negotiated and finalized the terms of the agreement, which Sunil Paul signed on November 29, 2021. Shortly after the contract was fully executed, Spring Free EV’s representative, Visrin Vichit-Vadakan, demanded that Push ROI sign an additional adhesion contract that would overwrite certain terms of the original agreement. Spring Free EV threatened to terminate the executed agreement if we didn’t comply.

The original, and only contract was non-cancellable for a four-month engagement with a minimum fee due to Push ROI. The fact that Spring Free EV introduced a new contract after the initial agreement was signed, without prior negotiation or mention, was unacceptable.

Push ROI refused to sign the new document, and Visrin Vichit-Vadakan admitted that Spring Free EV intentionally withheld these terms during the negotiation process, with the expectation of adding them later with a non-negotiable term sheet. This behavior showed a lack of transparency and a disregard for mutually agreed-upon terms.

Despite Push ROI’s attempts to resolve the dispute through negotiation, Spring Free EV rebuffed every olive branch. Push ROI decided to publicly share our experience on March 15, 2022, to warn others about Spring Free EV’s bad faith approach to contracts. We believe it is important to warn others about their disregard for contracts and unethical business practices.

Throughout this process, Spring Free EV has demonstrated a lack of willingness to negotiate or resolve the dispute in a reasonable manner. Our goal is to create awareness and ensure that others are fully informed before engaging in any business relationship with Spring Free EV or Sunil Paul.

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