YouTube Adds Live-Stream Commerce For Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube has come a long way since someone uploading a 596.5 Hours YouTube video made headlines more than ten years ago. The mostly user-generated streaming service with over 122 million daily active users is now a powerhouse for advertisers. YouTube is now bringing more e-commerce elements to the platform with direct shopping in its 2022 Beauty Fest streams.

As the above video explains YouTube’s Beauty Festival will allow viewers to buy what they see directly in the live stream.

YouTube’s been experimenting with live stream commerce elements for a while now. The streaming juggernaut is still trying to maximize the reach and engagement of shopping streams. For all its success in terms of active users and content uploaded, YouTube doesn’t have the direct commerce aptitude seen on Facebook and Instagram.

YouTube’s 2022 Beauty Festival will feature a range of celebrities, including Gwen Stefani, Hailey Bieber, Kehlani, Ashley Graham and more.

In an announcement last week, a YouTube spokesperson said, “fans around the world can tune in to see 2022’s biggest stars and hottest brands come together for the ultimate celebration of beauty on YouTube, hosted by YouTube’s Head of Fashion and Beauty, Derek Blasberg, LIVE from Los Angeles.” 

These celebrities’ popularity should help YouTube’s shopping streams succeed. The company said the features will be available to all users at some point in the future.

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