YouTube’s Testing An Option to Reserve Ad Space Six Months in Advance

YouTube is reportedly testing letting advertisers reserve ad space up to six months in advance. This is likely most beneficial for organizations planning to tie into major events, like sporting championships, or elections.

The new option surprisingly does not require a minimum ad buy. A report by the Wall Street Journal, says YouTube started offering the tool to political advertisers, and some select brands, in early September buying for the 2020 U.S. Elections and the Olympics.

Letting advertisers lock in ad space in advance isn’t new to YouTube, but this far in advance brings the platform more inline with traditional TV ad buying. It may make the buyers less nimble, but it also comes with a guarantee the ads will be seen during peak advertising season.

Wall Street Journal also reports that advertisers will not pre pay for their ads but be billed when they actually run on the platform. Google plans to let buyers reserve ads with this tool for all of 2020 starting on the 15th of November.

Mason Pelt a YouTube Manager with the Dallas PPC Management Agency Push ROI, Inc. pointed out that the ads clearly focused on higher budget advertisers. But it may provide some stability for creators who make money with YouTube ads.

Header Image by Rego Korosi

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