DCC Web Round Up – July 2019

Is Netflix Overvalued?

Netflix missed subscriber growth estimates in Q2, but  of Seeking Alpha argues that investors have many bigger problems to focus on. Citing the companies Debt to equity, quarterly cash expenditure on streaming content and new competition.  Full Story

YouTube Creators Looking for New Ways to Earn.

Should We Avoid NDA’s?

Should you stop signing NDA’s? Maybe not completely, but ad agency owner and blogger Mason Pelt made a case for why non-disclosure agreements are mostly bunk in an article called Why I Don’t Sign NDAs, Mostly.  Full Story  

The Rise of ‘Deep Fakes’.

Like a zombie horde, they keep coming. First, there were the pixelated likenesses of actresses Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson brushstroked into dodgy user-generated adult films. Then a disembodied digital Barack Obama and Donald Trump appeared in clips they never agreed to, saying things the real Obama and Trump never said. And in June, a machine-learning-generated version of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg making scary comments about privacy went viral. Full Story

The Death of a YouTuber…

YouTube star Grant Thompson, the host of the popular channel “The King of Random,” a channel with 11 million subscribers on his channel and billions of views, die in July as the result of a paragliding accident at age 38. Full Story

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